June Beer Releases!


June is going to be an exciting month for beer releases here at Murray Street! A new batch of Beer For Tim should be out in a few weeks and this time we’ve doubled the amount of raspberry puree and vanilla used in it. It has a beautifuly rich raspberry flavor followed by a sweet vanilla finish.

Our Double NEIPA Avoid the Ordinary will be back this Saturday, the 11th. We switched up the yeast and replaced the Hallertau Blanc with Nelson Sauvin and doubled the dry hop charge meaning this batch is even juicier than the last.

Our second seltzer will be available Wednesday the 15th for mug club members and shortly after for the public. This batch features Kiwi and Pomegranate and should be the perfect thist quencher for the summer.

Rounding out the June releases will be German-style Helles Lager. This type of beer takes longer to brew and condition than ales so it might sneak into July if it isn’t ready. This crisp and bready lager should be the perfect beer to acompany lawn mowing or floating down the river this summer. Keep an eye out on our social media for updates on this one.